Willowrain is a silver tabby she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, and paws and pale golden eyes.


Willowrain is a very thoughtful, in both kindness and perception ways. She's hyper and such sometimes. But before, oh, she was... hmm, stupid, shy, and clueless? Yup, seems like it. But she's moved this far, and she's hoping that she'd keep going for a promising time. :)


Father: Billowheart

Mother: Aquaflare

Brothers: Stealthtalon, Mossfang

Fact: She is the reincarnation of Eveningswift after she died.

The RisingEdit


Willowkit is first seen with Spottedkit, sneaking outside of the nursery, trying to reach outside. They were caught by Alpinepaw, and punished by Hollynose and Poppyfang. When Spottedkit says that "we wouldn't have been hurt", Willowkit seems really afraid of hawks, though she never met one before.

Back in the nursery and punished by being confined there for half a moon, Willowkit develops a disease. It made her faint a lot. Willowkit says, in Raintail, the medicine cat's, den, she notes that it might be caused by dehydration. She is right.

Raintail offers her to become the medicinec at apprentice, but she declines. She wants to become a warrior. :D

Because of her sickness, Stealthkit and Mosskit, her brothers, and Spottedkit, get to be apprentices before her.

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