Windbreeze is a grey she-cat with yellow eyes.

Story Edit

Windbreeze was born to Redclaw and Whiteflower, when she was a kit she was the one that was most distracted by anything pretty or shiny, once she found a round shiny thing and she put it on her tail but the leader Icestar told her to get rid of it but she just hid it. when she became a apprentice Death and the army came she wasn't at the meeting but her brother and sister told her about it, then the next day all of the clans gathered at the field (the place of the gathering) and her and her sister and brother became warriors, and attacked the armys camp while they were asleep, she fought like a warrior of Lionclan that day, she killed the armys Deputy and she saw her father being taen away and she tryed to take him back but she couldn't and feels ashamed of herself, and Snowfall became the Deputy and when Icestar died of a battle wound she became the Moonclan Leader, she is living right now and is now a mentor of Moonpaw.

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