WingClan is a Clan of abandoned cats from some other "unknown" Clans. The cats in WingClan do not know how their ancestors were kicked out of the other "Clans", or who their ancestors even are. The current three leading cats founded this Clan, named after their leader, with the knowledge of StarClan, not of any family or kin. They consider themselves warriors, but they are being picked off one by one, and some of them often wonder if they are even warriors or not...

Camp Edit

Their camp is inside an abandoned tunnel with a river running, and for their prey they eat anything they can find. They have a hard time finding food, even though above the tunnels is a large forest. The leaders den is inside a smaller cave in the cave, and the entrance is blocked off by some thorns, which you have to move in order to speak to the leader, Wingfrost.

The deputy's den is in front of the leader's den, so you have to pass through the deputy's den in order to get to the leader's den. This not only prevents secrets from the deputy between warriors and the leader, but it also gives the leader more protection from invading enemies, like dogs or badgers.

The medicine cat's den is across the deputy's den, across the river. Next to it is the Cave of Ancestry, which is where any cat can go and talk to their ancestors, from the medicine cat to the leader to even the youngest kit if they feel like it. No cat will be rejected by StarClan in there, but the assistance they are given may be very little.

The nursery is next to the Cave of Ancestry, but no one is ever in there, except for sick cats or injured cats.

The apprentice den is next to the nursery, and when apprentices come out they are only a couple of paw steps behind the river on their side of the river.

The warriors den is beside the river, across from the apprentice den.

List of Cats Edit

Note: All of these cats are listed, living or dead.  

Leader: Wingfrost

Deputy: Featherfall

Medicine Cat: Silverwing

Warriors: Flarefang









Apprentices: Darkpaw







Queens: Leafburn

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