Wingfrost is a light gray she-cat with light blue eyes. She is the leader of WingClan.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

History Edit

In the Story of WingClan SeriesEdit

Book 1:Storm DaysEdit

Prior to Storm Days, Wingkit and her two sisters, Featherkit and Silverkit, have been abandonded by their parents. They found the cave that WingClan lives in, and started their home their. Their father, Talonclaw, mentored them in their dreams. They soon met up with Flarekit, Gingerkit, and Firekit, who joined their Clan. They all gave themselves apprentice names, and then they found two kits named Icekit and Sunkit.
Wingpaw soon becomes Wingfrost, and with an official warrior name she declares herself leader of WingClan. She names her two sisters, Featherpaw and Silverpaw, Featherfall and Silverwing, with the two of them deputy and medicine cat respectively of the Clan. Wingfrost mentors Icepaw, as well as sharing the responsibility of being Sunpaw's mentor with Featherfall.
As leader, Wingfrost gives Flarepaw, Gingerpaw, and Firepaw their warrior names of Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash respectively.
At the end of the book, she gives Icepaw, Sunpaw, and Leafpaw their warrior names of Icethroat, Sunstorm, and Leafburn respectively.

Book 2:SpottedEdit

She gave Brownpaw, Oakpaw, Darkpaw, and Owlpaw permission to join WingClan between Storm Days and Spotted.
Soon after the book begins, Wingfrost gives Leafburn's kits, Dapplekit, Cloverkit, and Rainkit their apprentice names of Dapplepaw, Cloverpaw, and Rainpaw. She also assigns them their mentors, who are Leafburn, Sunstorm, and Icethroat respectively.
When Gingerheart was killed by the badger, Oakpaw was carried off by the large bird, and Brownpaw drowned in the flood, Wingfrost was always ready to comfort her Clan.

Book 3:Ice WingEdit

Wingfrost announced to her Clan when multiple WingClan cats died, and she held vigils for each of them.
She gave Owlpaw her warrior name of Owltail, and commented that Owltail was the last living of her litter of four.
At the end of the book, when Icethroat returned, a patrol soon returned with Featherfall's limp body, saying she was hit by a Twoleg monster. Wingfrost named Icethroat the new deputy of WingClan.

Book 4:Sun leafEdit

Wingfrost gave Rainpaw and Dapplepaw their warrior names of Raindapple and Dapplethorn.
Wingfrost told Icethroat and Sunstorm during her last few moments who sent all of the other animals after them, revealing that it was Fleckedpaw, Stripedpaw, Mintkit, and Cherrykit. She then dies, and Icethroat murmurs a good-bye.

Family and Education Edit

Mother: Lilyfrost

Father: Talonclaw

Sisters: Featherfall and Silverwing

Mentor: Talonclaw

Apprentice: Icethroat

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