"I can't stay here Briarlight. I'm a sheriff, not a warrior." - Wolftail, The Raven's Calling

Wolftail (Bigby Wolf) is a massive tabby tom with hazel eyes.

When Bigby Wolf passes out in the forest, StarClan transform him into a cat as punishment for leaving hazards in the forest. Bigby meets Bramblestar, who lets him join ThunderClan. He becomes Wolfpaw the apprentice, and his journey in the forest had begun...


Twoleg: Bigby Wolf

Apprentice: Wolfpaw

Warrior: Wolftail


Mate: Briarlight (Formally)

Mother: Winter

Father: North Wind

Siblings: Unnamed pups

Mentors and Apprentice(s)

Mentor: Bramblestar

Apprentice: Nettlepaw

Appears in:

A Whole New Life


The Raven's Calling

Tooth and Claw

Theme Song

The Curse - Disturbed

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