woodstar is a black shorthair tom cat. He is a wise moody best fighter in goldclan.when he was young he was the tallest kit in thunderclan, his friends was monkeykit, fangkit, antkit, silverkit and a kittypet cat called ray kon and others. his father was the leader of ThunderClan called sunstar, who died on sunnyrocks.when his father die bluefur become a leader. leaves thunderclan to find a clan. Redheart found in the wood in goldclan. he is made a warrior by lionstar. one day he and his new friends ivyfeather, wingtail, and bulltree found a dragonclan warrior called roseplet and he quicky fall in love with her. she had kits. they become warriors in thunderclan. icestar become a leader ather lionstar lost his last live from falling in to a river at a old age.iceheart become a leader of goldclan.his old friends become leaders in other clans.snakeflower has kits with  ravenlion.antkit plays with icestar tail.

thumb|300px|righthis grandkits.

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