Yewbark is a light brown tom with bright blue eyes.


Yewbark is the son of Trenchstar and Poppystem. A few days after he was made a medicine cat apprentice, his mother died of hunger. Yewpaw and his family grieved for her for a long time. He was about three moons into his medicine cat training when Dawnpaw, his sister, died of greencough. Yewpaw blamed himself for her death, as he wasn't able to cure her. His mentor, Crowflight, was killed by a ShadowClan warrior before Yewpaw finished his training. Therefore, Owlhaze, medicine cat of WindClan, served as his mentor for a moon. After he was given the name Yewbark by Crowflight, who met Yewpaw in his dreams, Yewbark became a full medicine cat.

He is currently training his first apprentice, Shardpaw.


Mentor: Crowflight, Owlhaze

Apprentice: Shardpaw


Mother: Poppystem

Father: Trenchstar

Brother: Jetfoot

Sister: Dawnpaw

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